In 2018, Art Chaos proved to be one of the most popular blocks at Glowfair Festival, as talented and internationally known local artists come together to turn the block into a celebration of visual and street art.

For 2018, Glowfair is excited to welcome artists Dominic Laporte, Ryan Smeeton, Daniel Martelock, PAT BUCK and Dan Metcalfe! 

Dominic Laporte is the artist leading this block: 

"My plan for the Art Chaos Block this year is to showcase the incredible talent that Ottawa has to
offer in way of local artists and a dozen murals the public can see from start to finish
throughout Glow Fair weekend. We will be building three – 4 sided boxes measuring at 8 x 8’
with each side given to a local mural artist to paint as they please. This is an opportunity for
local business owners from all over Ottawa and beyond to come check out the Art Chaos block,
to meet and learn from these artists and hopefully form long lasting relationships in the

We will have 1 host tent that will display a range of merchandise presented by the
artists in way of prints and small-scale artwork for people to purchase, as well as information
on each artist and contact information. Wallack’s Art Supply will also have a tent on the Art
Chaos block, being that we will be setting up on the block between Lisgar and Nepean, and
because they are our main sponsor for the prize which will be given to the artist with the
highest number of votes, cast by the public at the end of Glow Fair weekend. We are working in
a base theme for each artist’s mural which will have them include the concept of ‘Glowing’ to
their work.

I decided to do this based on the need for artists to be recognized further in this city, and Glow
Fair is a perfect way to help promote the artists, establish business connections, and appeal to
the public by watching amazing works of art come alive in front of their eyes. Just from the 1
box we made last year, the crowds that gathered for photos with the work or with the artists
was incredible, and this year we’ll have 12 different artists!"



Dom Laporte

I was Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, where I currently reside and work out of. I am a semi recent graduate of the award-winning Illustration program at Sheridan college and attended Concordia Universities Fine Art program prior to that but only for a brief time. My heart and soul is in my drawings, but I’m compelled by traditional portraiture and large scale painting, where most of my living is made from. My current work explores both sides of my practice, and both are just as labor intensive. I’ve exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions throughout Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and have an upcoming show in Barcelona, early 2017. I’ve won national art competitions and place highly amongst industry professionals in my field on both a local platform and Canada wide. Some of my most recent and relevant clients include The Canadian Museum of Science & Technology, Beau’s Brewery & Co., BMO/ The Toronto Raptors, House of PainT and OSICO (Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization), and the City of Ottawa. I am currently applying for several grants to paint murals abroad so I can bring back a body of work to enhance the local art scene. 


Ryan Smeeton

Ryan Smeeton is an artist and muralist based in Ottawa, Canada. He obtained his BFA from the University of Ottawa in 2011, and balances his time between a studio painting practice and creating site-specific murals. He has completed mural commissions for clients such as the City of Ottawa, Carleton University, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

As a painter, his work fits into the discourse of contemporary art as a culmination of various epochs and sampled approaches. He is interested in the traditions and technical aspects present throughout the history of painting, as well as new approaches to image making. He uses photography as a starting point and examines quotidian subject matter. His goal is to present a perspective of the world that is a median between our reality and an imagined one.

He is an ambitious painter and is enthusiastic about producing engaging murals that not only transform and grow perceptions of urban art, but also bring people together. 


Daniel Martelock

For most of Daniel's art career his work has been focused on mostly illustrative graphic styles of quirky birds, wildlife, birdhouses, and fun colourful backgrounds that can be found through out the Ottawa area. Daniel holds a degree in interior design and yet continues with his original lifelong passion for creating art. Daniels creations sometimes touch on world issues, sometimes dreams, sometimes fantasy all with a dash of innocence and amusement. He enjoys using discarded materials and making them meaningful again. His interest in recycling and reinventing the objects around him, while attempting to create something meaningful fuels Daniels work and his desire to design, paint and create. Daniel currently resides in Ottawa, however his works can be found in private collections around the world.



Pat Buck and Dan Metcalfe have been painting together for over 5 years. Pat is a highly skilled tattoo artist with a background in Illustration. Dan Metcalfe has a background in design and training in painting. Both work well as a team or individually, approaching each project differently depending on the scale and the surroundings. They immerse themselves in the community in order to be inspired and to capture the feel of the environment.

They create their large scale murals using spray paint and exterior latex paint. Both artists have extensive background and experience in working on large scale murals. Both have worked at heights, have experience with scaffolding and scissor lifts. Both artist have completed working at heights training and fall safety training. Many of the murals the artists have worked on have been community commissioned art. When they work with local Business Improvement Associations they work with local business and people from the neighborhood to ensure that everyone’s demands and ideas are considered.

This experience has helped them develop art that suits communities, businesses and creates a better experience for anyone that frequents those areas.