A safe event is one that promotes inclusiveness and allows guests to feel safe from violence, discriminatory behaviour and intimidation. Glowfair Festival has a 0 tolerance policy for bullying, violence, harassment and discrimination.

Glowfair Festival has two dedicated Safe Spaces on festival grounds, one at the corner of Bank and Lisgar and one at the Main Stage (behind Staples).

These spaces are intended to let festival attendees get away from situations they do not feel comfortable in with the help and supervision of the Project Soundcheck team. To learn more about Project Soundcheck and their work, click HERE.

Safe Space
Project Soundcheck


Bag Policy

Bags larger than a A3 piece of paper (42x29CM) are NOT permitted into the festival site. Backpacks are NOT permitted.

All types of bags smaller than A3 will be permitted.

ALL BAGS are subject t search prior to entering the festival grounds at the DJ Stage and Main Stage area, regardless of the size. Our security team will look in bags during queuing at the entrances of the DJ Stage and Main Stage which can slow you down!



Party Safe


Please visit PARTY SAFE for more information and resources.

It is important that festival goers and festival staff/volunteers have the resources and information to ensure the safety of those who do decide to use drugs either before or during their visit Glowfair Festival.

Familiarize yourself with the following information to help ensure the well-being of all festival attendees:

  • Front of line bar staff are all required to be Smart Serve certified, and will refuse service to anyone considered inebriated. It is highly advised that if you have been using drugs that you DO NOT mix drugs, this includes alcohol.

  • Security and First Aid Staff have been trained and equipped with the necessary information and resources to recognize an individual who has or is at risk of overdose and to provide the proper care to ensure their safety.

  • Festival Staff and Volunteers will be available throughout the site, do not hesitate to approach one of them if you feel you or someone around you may be experiencing an overdose.

  • Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act. This law protects you against minor drug related charges if you call 911 to report yourself or someone else suffering an overdose. For more information on this law visit https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/substance-abuse/prescription-drug-abuse/opioids/about-good-samaritan-drug-overdose-act.html

The following information comes directly from Ottawa Public Health:

Keeping safe when you party: What you need to know

Festivals are the time for making memories and Ottawa Public Health wants to help you party safe. If you are consuming drugs or alcohol, or a combination of both, overdoses can happen. At large events like festivals, there is also an increased risk of violence and alcohol and drug-facilitated sexual assaults.

You can prevent these from happening when you party.  Here’s what you need to know when you’re at the festival:

  • Festival Security and First Aid Staff have been trained and are equipped with the necessary information and resources to recognize someone who is overdosing or is at risk of having an overdose. They will give them the proper care to make sure they are safe.

  • Festival Staff and Volunteers are available throughout the site. Go to them right away if you feel you or someone around you may be experiencing an overdose.

  • if you call 911 to report someone having an overdose (or you),  The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act is a law that protects you against minor drug related charges.

Follow these tips from PARTY SAFE to keep you and your friends safe at the festival:

  1. Stay with friends you trust

  2. Pace yourself-start low and go slow

  3. Drink water

  4. Stick to one drug at a time

  5. Know what you are taking

  6. Go easy on your lungs

  7. Plan a safe ride home

  8. Know how to identify an overdose

  9. Carry Naloxone

  10. You can only give consent for yourself

  11. Choose safer sex options

  12. Ask for help when you need it