Our Vision

Glowfair 2019

The Glowfair Festival mission is to develop and empower the local community through initiatives with music and the arts.

Glowfair aims to provide opportunities to underserved youth while supporting a mission of inclusion and diversity. In June, we celebrate our creative and vibrant community along Bank Street in Ottawa, with our partners from all around the world.

This year, Glowfair Festival will be working to support and give back to charitable organizations that support youth and promote the arts for community improvement

Glowfair Festival is a non-profit organization, and takes place on June 14 & 15 2019.

In 2014, the Bank Street BIA, headed by Executive Director Christine Leadman, wanted a main street festival unlike anything Ottawa had ever seen.

They wanted to involve Bank Street’s restaurants, bars, merchants and other Bank Street members. They wanted to give back to the community, by creating an entirely free community event.

A collaborative effort by all merchants and members of the BIA, it is a platform through which members can showcase their part of the reimagined Bank Street. 




“Glowfair reflects the demographics of Bank Street. We have a young, ever growing population and we want to celebrate that and party with them. Bank Street is about grads and pads, young, hip under-40s who are socially-conscious, love live music and want to experience the real thing. We’re also home to the Village and we’re all inclusive, so we built on that. That’s Glowfair: a nod to who we are in every sense of the word.”


Executive Director Downtown Bank Street BIA