What is Glowfair Festival?

Glowfair is a light, art, and music festival that takes along Bank Street from Slater to James. The street will come alive with vibrant decorations, themed blocks, and great music acts and performers.

Why is it important to the community?

Glowfair brings people from far and wide down to Bank Street. It’s a great opportunity to show the community why Bank Street is awesome. Glowfair helps to create unity between our members as all the businesses prepare for the festival and think of creative ways to participate. Last year over 50,000 people came to the street for Glowfair and we’re expecting to top that this year!

Will there be alcoholic beverages on site?

Yes, we will have alcoholic beverages on site! They will be at the bar next to the Main Stage at Snider plaza as well as at the DJ stage. Along Bank Street there are also many businesses that have extended their patios and hours to accommodate festivalgoers. Please drink responsibly.

Will there be a 19+ area?

The Glow Zone Bar is a 19+ area as well as the DJ stage.

During the festival, in certain areas, you might be asked to show photo ID. What is considered a valid photo ID?

If you are planning to consume alcoholic beverages, you will be required at more than one location, to show a valid photo ID.  A driver’s licence, passport, or a Canadian Citizenship Card with photo are all considered acceptable form of ID.

Will there be ATM’s on site?

Yes, there will be ATM’s on site. Along Bank Street there is also a variety of banks, which you can use as well. Please check out the Bank Street BIA business directory for more information.

Can I leave and come back to the festival?

Of course! Leave the main stage and head down Bank Street to check out the events and activities taking place. You’ll also be welcomed back to the main stage area to enjoy the music of your favourite performers.

Will there be toilets on site?

Yes, there will be portable washrooms on site for festivalgoers. Please note businesses have washrooms available for customers only. Unless you are a patron of the establishment, we ask you use the public washrooms available at the festival.

Will the festival be cancelled if it rains?

This is a rain or shine event! If rain is in the forecast, come prepared with your fabulously bright rain boots! Due to the proximity of people at outdoor events, it would be advisable to wear a raincoat or poncho versus bringing an umbrella.

Will merchandise be available on site?

We will have Glow merchandise for sale. If you have ever dreamed of owning some fun glow gear now is your chance!

Will the site be wheelchair accessible?

People with disabilities are welcome to attend our event.
The venue, Bank Street, is wheelchair-accessible. However, due to capacity, it can be difficult to manoeuvre a wheelchair in the crowds.

Will there be emergency staff on site?

Yes, we will have security, safety professionals, as well as OPP on site at all times through out the festival.


What are you allowed to bring

  • Cell phones – We want to see you tweeting and instagramming everything!
  • Sealed water bottles or empty reusable water bottles – We have a water truck to refill your water! We encourage you to bring your reusable bottle and keep Downtown Bank clean.
  • Small backpacks, bags, and purses are acceptable, however they must be small. Bags are allowed on Bank Street, however they are not allowed in the stage areas or bar. It is up to each business on Bank Street as to what they will allow in their establishments.
  • Personal cameras are welcome! We invite you to take as many photos as you’d like, some restrictions do apply. Please see our camera use policy below.
  • If it rains, umbrellas are acceptable. It is recommended to use a poncho or raincoat instead, but it is up to you!
  • The majority of Glowfair events are family friendly, strollers and other carrying devices are acceptable.
  • We love pets! Pets are allowed at Glowfair, especially at the Pet Circus Dog Café on the Circus block. Of course, service dogs are permitted everywhere. However, pets are not allowed in the main stage or bar area.

What are you not allowed to bring

*Items on the list below WILL be confiscated

  • All forms of weapons, colours, or contraband will not be tolerated at Glowfair.
  • We ask that festivalgoers do not ride their bicycles inside festival grounds, i.e. not on Bank Street. Due to the capacity of the festival it’s a safety precaution. People who do choose to bike to Bank Street are more than welcome, encouraged even, to do so! We have provided in partnership with Velofix bike parking on site. The valet bike parking with Velofix.
  • As a safety precaution we ask festivalgoers not to skateboard throughout the blocks on Bank Street. We also ask festivalgoers not to use roller blades, scooters, carts or personalized motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs) inside the festival area.
  • All forms of illegal substances or drug paraphernalia will not be tolerated. Anyone seen in possession of illegal substances or drug paraphernalia will be approached by Police or security and will be responsible for all of the consequences associated with their actions.
  • We ask all festivalgoers to respect our local businesses and leave all outside alcohol at home. Beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages will be sold inside the festival at one of our many bars and pubs along Bank Street. Not to mention at the Kronenbourg bar in the Glow Zone.
  • No large backpacks or bags in the main stage / soundboard area
  • All vendors wishing to participate must contact Glowfair in order to be inside the festival area. Anyone seen selling merchandise will be asked to pack up and leave the festival area.

Please leave all professional photography equipment, video equipment, or audio recording devices at home. The only exception is for media who have contacted us previously about getting a media pass.

Accessibility Policy

People with disabilities are welcome to attend our event. The venue is wheelchair-accessible. However, due to capacity, it can be difficult to maneuver a wheelchair in the crowds we are expecting.

Camera Policy

  1. What makes a camera “professional”?
    Professional equals any camera with a detachable lens. If your lens can be removed from your camera, we consider it professional.
  2. What devices am I NOT allowed to bring?
    We ask that unless you are a registered media professional attending the event that you do not bring camcorders, SLRs/DSLRS, tripods, or video cameras to the event. No one is allowed to bring drones to the festival.
  3. What devices am I allowed to bring?
    You are welcome and encouraged to bring your phones, iPads, GoPros, Selfie sticks. You are also allowed to bring small handheld cameras without detachable lenses and cell phone cameras. We want you to enjoy the festival and be able to take pictures with any non-professional cameras of your choice. If you’re in doubt – don’t bring it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Smoking Policy

Glowfair is a non-smoking event. Patrons are asked to refrain from smoking at the festival for the duration of the event. Smoking policies off the grounds fall under the respective jurisdictions of the City of Ottawa or the National Capital Commission.