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“It’s how you play, not what you play.”

Ilon was introduced to DJing back in Korea when he was 13 along with creating music and recording. When he moved to Canada in 2000 at the age of 15, he took every chance to practice and get in front of an audience. Ilon took every opportunity to an active role in provide entertainment for charity functions, school dances and which ever nightclub would give this youngster a chance which included Cosmos in Hull and Privilege in Ottawa.

His passion for the industry grew and naturally transitioned into opening his first nightclub, Mansion Nightclub which has evolved into the Bourbon Room today along with a talent agency for event staffing and home to many DJs and entertainers.  

His versatility is his strength and reading the crowd is his speciality.  Ilon can seamlessly transition through genres and decades to keep as many bodies vibing on the dancefloor.