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Be it on the turntables, producing a track, hosting a party or harnessing the vision of his company Bottomline Entertainment, it is no coincidence that you will find this Toronto-bred DJ with a smile on his face. Indeed, this combination of positive attitude and tireless work ethic is the thread that ties together the dynamic and diverse experiences of his creative life. DJ Craig Brooklyn is propelled by an enduring love of the music he plays.

He is a consistent pupil of sound, and truly, an artist whose days are consumed by the possibilities of the auditory landscape. DJ Craig Brooklyn succeeds in creating memorable energetic and consistently distinct experiences for his listeners because he trusts the transformative power of music, in all of its varied forms. He humbly refuses to confine himself to the beauty of one sound, one genre, or a limited set of influences. He has traveled the globe with this sensitive and receptive ear, searching for new ways to blend sounds and tell stories.