Ottawa’s Biggest Block Party is Back!


Vibrant lights, vibed-out sounds, 10 blocks, the summer of your life, a city coming together. This is Bank St’s classic, GlowFair 2K18.

The lovely committee at Bank St. has knocked it out of the park once again.  But this time, the city’s beloved tourist hub includes a twist to their insanely lit fun, with proceeds benefitting both LGBTQA+ associations and underprivileged youth with interest in art.

What’s GlowFair? You, an Ottawa citizen who may have been living under a rock for the past fourth years, may find yourself asking.

Whether this is your unfortunate case, or whether you just need a refresher to reignite your excitement for GlowFair’s fourth and biggest year, let’s help you out:


1. A Hit Line-up Featuring Both Juno-Winning and

Diverse Acts


Ria Mae

It’ll be no surprise when GlowFair’s Main Stage dominates the block Bank/Laurier to Bank/Slater once again.  As someone who has participated in not only the amazing night-rave atmosphere GlowFair has to offer, but the line-up involved to even consider getting close to the Main Stage, consider the hype more than worth it.


Spotted: Me and BF at GlowFair 2K16 !

This year, expect to be amazed more so than ever.  Considering the smooth beats of Juno-winning artist Ria Mae’s new hits, and the classic GlowFair vibes that indie EDM acts Cash Cash and Virginia to Vegas will deliver, us Glowfairers are in for one sweet treat.  Heck, even Karl Wolf will be there to serve some mid 2000s nostalgia with his cover of the classic Toto’s Africa.  On top of all of this excitement, indigenous star, Iskwé, will perform in vibrance as bright as GlowFair itself in celebration of new block, Turtle Island!


Cash Cash                             Karl Wolf

2. THE Hyped About GlowYoga (with a twist)

Almost more so than the outstanding, star-studded acts, GlowYoga has been garnering more and more attention each year.  Who couldn’t fall in love with the idea of reaching a state of bliss amongst other ‘yoga-philes’ in the neon night ?

Nigel Walker Wellness is bringing back this beloved event, but this time with a unique edge.  Mashing-up with the concept of another GlowFair classic, the Silent Disco,  yogis can enjoy a more intimate experience  with headphones synchronized to the hypnotic beats GlowFair has to offer.  At the expense of a small fee, not only will you get to enjoy this ‘silent’ GlowYoga experience, but your proceeds will go toward LGBTQA+ communities in need.

Mark your calendars for Friday, June 15th and B.Y.O.M ! (Bring Your Own Mat)

3. New Blocks :  Vaude Village and Turtle Island !

To better represent the communities benefitted by this summer extravaganza, TD Bank and Ottawa Capital Pride have collaborated to come up with the magnificent block of Vaude Village, the designated block to celebrate LGBTQA+ pride !  Enjoy a luminous, rainbow version of Maclaren/Gilmour and Gilmour/James with the astounding Koston Kreme of CapitalTease Burlesque !


Koston Kreme showing her stuff at this year’s GlowFair Launch Party !

Alongside this representative block comes another GlowFair is proud to feature, Turtle Island.  A nod to the indigenous peoples who had lived here for millennia, Turtle Island comes to feature traditional dances such as the challenging yet gorgeous Hoop Dance and drumming songs, all brought to life in a literal new light this summer, only at Cooper/Somerset !


Some of the Many Other Things to be Hype for:

  • Silent Disco showdown featuring local Ottawa DJs such as DJIlon !
  • Gatekeeper Maze (a real-life glow maze to navigate !)
  • Rainbow Rink (miss skating the Canal already? Gilmour/James has you covered!)


So Mark Your Calendars for This June 14-16 !!!

Holland Stille