Steph Honey

main stage

"THE DJ'S JOB GOES BEYOND MIXING AND MATCHING. IT GOES BEYOND PLAYING WHAT'S THE MOST TRENDY, MOST HIP OR MAINSTREAM..." are the first words presented to you when you land on her website's home page and an adage that she lives by. No matter the nature of the event, she is able to persuade and move the crowd because she knows that music is a sort of magic that changes the way we feel about ourselves, our lives and the possibilities at any given moment. Even though the music is the magic, she understands there is still a job to be done: find the artists who make authentic, layered and compelling music and present them in the brightest, grooviest and most dignified way possible. This is why, within 2 years of entering the Toronto scene, she is sought after by clients such as Alexander Wang, Nordstrom, MAC, and Under Armour to name a few. While being a music lover is one thing, being a connoisseur of sound, as the best DJs are, is another thing altogether. DJ Steph Honey is both. Her job, and her utmost delight, is finding and presenting sounds that transport the listener into a world of pleasure they know they want, but which only she can deliver